Air conditioner service is something that every home and office requires if they have air conditioners installed. These services are essential to manage the functioning of these machines and prolong their shelf life. This is why, many people opt for air conditioning repair service or maintenance at least once a year. But the question is how can you hire a reliable and trustworthy firm, which offers services for air con Melbourne? Here are some of the things to ask them:

• How long have you been conducting air conditioner service for your clients?
• Are your professional technicians well certified to carry out all sorts of air conditioning repair service?
• Can you provide me an air conditioning quote?
• Are you a valid license holder for carrying out various ac maintenance and repair services?
• Do you have valid workers compensation insurance? Are all your workers insured?
• Can I come and meet you in person at your registered office?
• How long with the ac repair take approximately?
• Can you give me some names of your past customers for my reference?
• Do you have any kind of refund policy? If yes, then what are the terms and conditions?
• Are you available to answer my queries 24x7?

In Conclusion

These are some of the questions, which you must ask an ac repair service firm before hiring its services. Alternatively, you can test their knowledge on air conditioners prices and components such as air conditioner compressor to name a few. All the best!

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